Homemade Easter Gifts: Easter Brunch Basket

This Easter Brunch gift basket is a great homemade Easter gift for a family, friend, or new neighbor. You can make your own homemade Easter brunch gift basket for a personal touch for someone special.
To Make Your Own Homemade Easter Brunch Gift Basket You Will Need:

1 Basket

Foods (to be discussed)

Paper Grass Filler

Plastic Bag


To get started you need to buy the brunch food for the gift basket. Try ideas like Swiss chocolate pancake mixes, cornmeal pacakes or even organic pancake mix. Pancakes are a hugely popular breakfast food and so easy to make.

To finish this out try adding special syrups, chocolate chips, and fresh fruit.

If you will be dropping the Easter brunch gift basket off yourself, then try customizing it to the family you ar giving it to. If they eat healthy, try including the options for the Denver Omelets. They can supply their own egg whites!

It is also a great idea to include recipes or instructions whatever food options you choose to go with in the Gift basket. Adding fresh fruit, bottled juices, bottle water, and jams and jellies always make great fillers Don’t forget a bag of coffee or cocoa as well.

Now, on to assembling the Easter Bunch gift basket. Lay a layer of shredded paper grass in the bottom. Opt out on the plastic grass since it is less eco friendly.

Now, start layering in the large items towards the back. A you work to the front and top of the basket lay in the smaller items like the jams, jellies, coffee mugs, and smaller items.

To seal the Easter brunch gift basket slide the whole basket down into a large clear bag. These can be bought at raft stores.

Pull the bag up around the breakfast gift basket and tie it off in a bow at the top.

You can turn the outside of the bag into a Faux Easter Bunny by adding googly eyes glued to the outside of the bag. Add whiskers using floral wire and a pom pom nose glued in the middle.

Use a ribbon with built in wire in the edges to tie the bag shut in a double knot. The ends of the ribbon can be stood up to remember bunny ears!

This is a fun way to give a homemade Easter brunch gift perfect for family and friendly to enjoy! Get creative with the fillings. Kids can make the homemade card to attach or even make items out of air drying clay, like napkin rings, to add to the homemade Easter gift as well.