Gift ideas for Girlfriend or Wife (part 3)

8. Write for her
Book lovers adore the idea of their loved ones writing a piece expressing their love and value in one’s life. To make your girlfriend or wife recognize how much you appreciate her existence in your life, you can grab a paper and start penning down your thoughts. It doesn’t matter if you find yourself unable to compose a poem or a paragraph that is perfect when it comes to the choice of words or grammar skills. It is the thought that counts!

9. Scrapbook
A collection of all of your memories in the form of photographs, tickets, notes etc carry with themselves not just an overflow of emotions but also a reminder of how much your significant other longs to see you smile wide. Collect all of the photographs of you and your partner that hold happy memories that can make you giggle or even cry a river. All the tickets to the movies you’ve seen, the carnivals you’ve been to, the theatres or museums you’ve visited that you might have stored somewhere can become a part of the scrapbook along with pictures.
So, once your girlfriend sees the lengths you’ve gone to in order to save all of the things that might seem small to others but are big enough for her, she will surely never think of letting go during the hard times.

10. Leave happy thoughts everywhere
Consider the last gift idea for your girlfriend or wife an added bonus because the little things matter to her. Leave little tiny notes of appreciation everywhere your wife or girlfriend happens to pass through. Praising your woman for being in your life works wonders.

Now that you are equipped with all sorts of wonderful gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife, take a close observant look at the things your girlfriend or wife has always been interested to experience or deserves to have. Know that when it comes to true love, your attempt at doing something out of your comfort zone will always outweigh the big bucks spent on presents.