Gift ideas for Girlfriend or Wife (part 2)

4. Concert night
These sweet gestures should not just be for her birthday or Valentine’s Day, but also a day that holds a special memory for the both of you. Does your wife or girlfriend have a favorite singer she has always wished to hear live and cry happy, joyous tears singing in the same room as her? If that day is close to a concert night of her favorite singer happening in your city or a place near you live, book the tickets before it’s too late!

5. You belong in the kitchen too
So instead of getting in the kitchen like every morning to find the table laden with eggs and tea, try getting up early on her day and make breakfast yourself.

6. Surprise getaway
Who doesn’t love a little surprise visit to a week’s stay at the plaza or a cottage. Places that can drift you away from the harsh realities of the world and allow your soul to be rid of negative thoughts in the oasis of serenity. Staying at the plaza over the weekend could include spa session, movie night, bonfire and so much more. Whereas a nice little cottage or farmhouse near the beach could give you and your wife/girlfriend sometime away from work to enjoy life sipping on your favorite drinks in front of the sea.

7. Basket with love
Your lady has a sweet-tooth and doesn’t need to be full of anxiety or tension to feed her stomach with sweets. If you can relate to this, grab your keys and visit the store that sells her favorite chocolates. Buy all of her favorite sweet items and purchase a basket to store them in. You can even accessories the basket to make this gift idea for your girlfriend or wife look even more presentable!