Gift ideas for Girlfriend or Wife (part 1)

If you are in search of gift ideas for your girlfriend and wife that are not too ordinary to be forgotten 10 years from now, then you are on the road to finding the most remarkable ideas to make your girl the happiest person on the planet!

1. A musical evening
If your girlfriend or wife loves to sing or play the guitar or piano, you need to prepare for this at least months before you surprise her with this extraordinary gesture of your love. Get yourself enrolled in taking lessons whenever it’s possible for you daily or on a weekly basis to learn her favorite instrument. It’s even better if you have the voice of an angel. On the big day, surprise her with a song written by you dedicated to her. It is guaranteed to melt her heart considering how much effort she’ll know you’ve put into those lessons just to see that smile on her face.

2. Dinner for two with a surprise
This surprise comes with a twist. Instead of taking her out for dinner, cook her favorite meal from scratch. If you are not confident about your cooking skills, practice her favorite dish in the kitchen a couple of times or ask a friend or even a family member to guide you regarding how the dish can be cooked and served best. So if your wife comes back home from work after a long, tiring day or your girlfriend comes back after study group, her love and respect for you is bound to triple in size.

3. For your art lover
Girls or women who are found to have a deep interest in theatre, music, sculptures, paintings etc are very fond of watching theatrical performances or visit the art museum. Plan a visit to the place you are aware that she has always expressed her liking towards. Finding you seated next to her whilst watching her favorite play or admiring the great works of artists as you move along with her hand in hand will make her remember this day forever.