Homemade Easter Gifts: Easter Brunch Basket

This Easter Brunch gift basket is a great homemade Easter gift for a family, friend, or new neighbor. You can make your own homemade Easter brunch gift basket for a personal touch for someone special.
To Make Your Own Homemade Easter Brunch Gift Basket You Will Need:

1 Basket

Foods (to be discussed)

Paper Grass Filler

Plastic Bag


To get started you need to buy the brunch food for the gift basket. Try ideas like Swiss chocolate pancake mixes, cornmeal pacakes or even organic pancake mix. Pancakes are a hugely popular breakfast food and so easy to make.

To finish this out try adding special syrups, chocolate chips, and fresh fruit.

If you will be dropping the Easter brunch gift basket off yourself, then try customizing it to the family you ar giving it to. If they eat healthy, try including the options for the Denver Omelets. They can supply their own egg whites!

It is also a great idea to include recipes or instructions whatever food options you choose to go with in the Gift basket. Adding fresh fruit, bottled juices, bottle water, and jams and jellies always make great fillers Don’t forget a bag of coffee or cocoa as well.

Now, on to assembling the Easter Bunch gift basket. Lay a layer of shredded paper grass in the bottom. Opt out on the plastic grass since it is less eco friendly.

Now, start layering in the large items towards the back. A you work to the front and top of the basket lay in the smaller items like the jams, jellies, coffee mugs, and smaller items.

To seal the Easter brunch gift basket slide the whole basket down into a large clear bag. These can be bought at raft stores.

Pull the bag up around the breakfast gift basket and tie it off in a bow at the top.

You can turn the outside of the bag into a Faux Easter Bunny by adding googly eyes glued to the outside of the bag. Add whiskers using floral wire and a pom pom nose glued in the middle.

Use a ribbon with built in wire in the edges to tie the bag shut in a double knot. The ends of the ribbon can be stood up to remember bunny ears!

This is a fun way to give a homemade Easter brunch gift perfect for family and friendly to enjoy! Get creative with the fillings. Kids can make the homemade card to attach or even make items out of air drying clay, like napkin rings, to add to the homemade Easter gift as well.

Lovebird’s Soap – the Valentine’s Day Gift Anyone Can Make

It’s beautiful, it’s useful, it’s easy to make (even for you guys) and it won’t add a few pounds to the waistline! It’s Lovebird’s Soap! Even if you’ve never made soap before, this project can be completed in under an hour. All you need to do is gather some basic materials and follow a few easy steps.
This soap is made from a melt and pour glycerin soap base available at craft stores in the soap making section and from various internet-based soap making suppliers. Melt and Pour soap is becoming increasingly popular in the soap makers world because it is easy to use and it opens up so many possibilities for the creative mind!


– Gold Mica Powder (Any soap coloring can be used in this recipe, but the mica in this recipe creates such a lovely shimmer in the light)
– Burgundy Mica Powder
– Fragrance Oil of choice (floral fragrances are a good choice for this project)
– 1 lb Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base, cut into 1 – inch cubes (white soap base can be used but the mica won’t have much shimmer and the colors will be lighter)

Tools Needed:

– Large, clear microwave-safe container (I use a 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup)
– Small, clear microwave-safe container (I use a 1-cup Pyrex measuring cup)
– Plastic teaspoon
– Small mixing spoon or craft stick (I use a chopstick)
– 2 small custard bowls (for mixing fragrance with mica)
– Small plastic dropper or spoon (for filling in gold details of soap mold)
– Spray bottle with 100% rubbing alcohol
– Wax Paper
– 4 Cavity Mold – Doves and Hearts (or similar mold that makes three or four oz. Bars with a raised design on the top)
– Cellophane bags and ribbon (optional)

Step 1: First, place 1 to 2 teaspoons of the fragrance oil in a custard cup. Add a small amount of gold mica to the fragrance oil to create a thin paste. Be sure to remove any lumps. In the other custard cup, mix together 3 to 4 teaspoons of fragrance oil with some of the burgundy mica. Again, make a thin paste free of lumps.

Step 2: Next, divide the Melt and Pour soap cubes between the 2 clear microwave-safe containers. The smaller dish should have approximately 4 ounces (1/4 of the cubes) and the larger dish should have 12 ounces (3/4 of the cubes).

Step 3: Starting with the smaller container, microwave the soap in short 10 to 15 second bursts, stirring carefully between each round. Avoid overheating the soap.

Step 4: Once the soap in the smaller container is free of lumps, carefully mix in the gold mica/fragrance mixture. Do not stir quickly or whip the soap. This will cause unwanted air bubbles to form in your soap.

Step 5: Using your small plastic dropper or small spoon, carefully fill in the raised portion of your soap mold with the gold colored soap. This is the design that will show up on the top of your finished soap bar. Once the area is filled, spray the gold soap lightly with rubbing alcohol to remove any air bubbles and allow to set.

Step 6: While the gold soap is setting, repeat steps 3 and 4 using the large container of soap cubes and the burgundy mica/fragrance mixture.

Step 7: Lightly spray the gold soap once more with alcohol and then carefully pour the burgundy soap into each cavity the remainder of the way to fill them. Spray each filled cavity with alcohol once more to remove air bubbles and allow the mold to sit in a dry area.

Step 8: After about 20 minutes, the soap should be cooled and set enough to remove from the mold. Turn the soap out onto a sheet of wax paper and allow to air dry for a while in a cool, dry place. They may need some pressing to get out of the mold. If the soap is too difficult to remove, let soap sit a while longer. Melt and Pour soap shrinks as it hardens. As it shrinks, it releases itself from the mold.

Step 9: As soon as the soap is dry, package in an airtight container. Cellophane bags work well for these. Tie with a gold or burgundy ribbon and give to your Valentine to enjoy! For alternative┬áValentine’s Day Gift please consider getting


Ten for $10: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Lovers with a Big Heart and Small Budget

Being young and in love is a wonderful thing… …Well, it is until February 14 rolls around–the universal day of showering your better half with tokens of affection–and you realize that your wallet is rather light.
However, empty pockets can still fill hearts. For the handy and/or crafty, here are four ideas that can get the creativity rolling, and your significant other’s heart thumping:

Write a love letter

Writing love letters seems to be a lost art in today’s digital age, when email and instant messenger are at the tips of everyone’s fingers. Find some nice stationery, like parchment paper, and put your thoughts into words, perhaps using a felt tip pen–but a 15-cent Bic will work just as well.

Tell your significant other how much you love them; reminisce about a first date or a silly story you shared together. Make your love come alive with words. A letter is personal, from the heart, and something that can be cherished for a long time if stored in a shoebox or scrapbook. For an added touch, seal the envelope with melted wax and carve his or her initial on it.

Create a photo album

Check the “doubles” box when getting those disposable cameras developed. Gather up some extra pictures of you and your sweetie and organize them in a personalized photo album. Include pictures from school, dates, vacations, concerts, holidays, family events and more. For the artistic types who have time to spare, take this idea a step further and go all out with a scrapbook. Include other memoirs, captions, and more.

Make a mixed CD

Many couples have “their song,” or one that reminds them of a first kiss, first concert or a road trip. Back in the 80’s, it was cool to tape songs off the radio onto a cassette. Nowadays, music can be downloaded online or recorded onto a hard drive using a free program called Free CD Rip, and then saved to another CD. Throw together a mix of love songs or songs that remind you of your special someone.

Coupon Book

Get some construction paper, scissors, markers and a stapler and make a booklet full of a dozen or so coupons describing things you promise to do for your girl or guy. Some other ideas: 20-minute massage, dinner for two at a favorite restaurant, breakfast in bed, a day of pampering, and so on. You can even add things like, “I’ll stop playing my video games” or “I’ll get off the computer” — two things which will add more quality time to your relationship. A homemade coupon book is free and can last for months and months, giving your loved one a little pick-me-up over and over again.

Cheap Gift Ideas: Ten for Ten

For the not-so-crafty types, here are 10 gift ideas for $10 or less:

1. Panties or boxers- buy your gal a cute pair of panties or two-even Victoria Secret’s has a bargain bin! Girls- buy your man a pair of silk boxers from a discount store. They are sexy and comfy!

2. $10 gift certificate to Ebay: Let your sweetheart bid on whatever they want. If they are collectors, this online auction extravaganza may help to boost their collection.

3. Book and a bookmark: If you are dating a bookworm, what a better present than a new book–a novel idea. Paperbacks are usually pretty cheap.

4. Massage Gift Certificate- before you think this will break the bank, think again! If you have a local massage therapy school, they most likely offer cheap full-body massages. One school in PA offers them for $10 for a full-body and they have gift certificates available.

5. Cheesy Movie on VHS: They sell these at grocery store checkouts and in the “value” section of most electronic stores. Laugh together as you watch corny flicks.

6. Journal and Pen: These are the days to remember, right? Journaling has always been popular. If you think your honey would like to start this hobby, pick up a journal at any department or stationary store for them.

7. Gift Book: These are available at the checkout of places like Barnes and Noble, Hallmark and other gift stores. They are pocket-sized books of all types of neat ideas for gifts, inspiration, sports and humor. They are handy to keep in a purse or in a desk drawer.

8. Cards and Poker Chips: Texas Hold’em is the latest rage. Start a card night with your sweetheart by getting him or her a cool deck of cards and some starter chips.

9. Gag Gift: If you are, of course, 18-or-over, there are plenty of ideas for under $10 in the aisles of adult book stores. Go wild.

10. Candy: The old standby that never gets old. Local candy shops are sure to have unique confections. The always-traditional Russell Stover’s in a red, heart-shaped box can be found in your local drugstore. Or, buy a glass jar and fill it up with your sweetheart’s favorite sweets at your local bulk candy shop!